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There are many kids video games available, but finding fun and safe kids videogames to play is not always easy. Parents are constantly worried about finding safe games for children to play. If your child is using the computer then you can put parental controls on the computer to protect your child. This will ensure that your child is only playing games that are safe for them. However when you have another games console it can be slightly more difficult. Parental controls have been designed ...

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  Under constuction Play Games at AddictingGames My favorite kids video games! These are some of the coolest games I have ever played! Check back often and see new super fun kids video games that I have found!

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Boombot 2 "Very explosive game....lots of fun" - G-man Boombot 2 Coolmath Games - Math and thinking games, puzzles and fun for kids of all ages WATCH THE BLOXORZ VIDEO GAMES IN ACTION bloxorz "This is a super cool game...real takes some brain power!" - Gabriel Bloxorz Coolmath Games - Math and thinking games, puzzles and fun for kids of all ages


You’ve probably heard of an alley cat, a Persian cat and maybe even a Chinese hairless cat – but have you ever in your life heard of a Library Cat? Meet Dewey – the real-life library cat who made a very big impression on the members of his small town library – and left a very big hole in their hearts when he passed away after almost 20 years at the library. On the morning of the one of the coldest days of the year, Spencer, Iowa librarian Vicki Myron found a tiny orange kitten nearly frozen t...

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